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As head coach of Revolution X, I pride myself in the ability to work alongside an amazing team. Together we strive to empower our community with knowledge. We work to instil healthy habits and successful lifestyles into everyone’s journey. To be a part of someone’s journey and to help guide them through their goals and challenges, is my objective. To allow an individual to be mentored through their health and fitness journey, makes achieving goals less complicated. Through my life experience as a coach and athlete I believe success is within reach for all at Revolution X.


Training, fitness, health and sport run deep within my veins. “Born to be active”, I always said. From the day I could walk I was playing sport or finding something heavy to lift. I was always the “strongest girl” as a kid and challenged the boys to beat my strength, with the success of winning most times. I loved to challenge myself with anything. Then as I hit the high school years I played every school representative sport and was captain for each, without fail. Straight out of school nothing stopped me. I had no time to waste if I wanted to be the best of the best.  I studied everything I could and my talent and passion developed, presenting you with the trainer and coach I am today.

During my years as a trainer and athlete I competed in Australian Powerlifting, Natural Body Building, Basketball, Strongman and now CrossFit. I solemnly believe in practicing what I preach. I eat, breathe and live performance. Currently I am training for powerlifting and CrossFit which are my ultimate passions. I want to be the best of the best.

From the start as a trainer, I developed an instinct and realised that if my clients wanted to succeed and achieve their goals, they needed to see it was possible. I show this through my actions, thoughts and beliefs every day. They needed to have someone they could rely on to help ignite that flame within, and help keep it lit. I wanted to make sure they were never alone on their journey. This still drives me to continuously up skill, develop and progress not only my knowledge but also my physical and mental state. If I am positive, if I am healthy, if I am fit, then I can teach someone to be the same. Through my own failure, experience, ups and downs with mental and physical health, weight and general life, I know it is possible to achieve anything you put your mind too.

Throughout my time as a trainer I developed many extraordinary ways to teach people to integrate the success of health and fitness into all types of individuals lives.

I have also worked with athletes from various sports such as CrossFit, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Football and Powerlifting.
To see the face of my athlete or client light up, when they realise, in that moment that they actually believe in themselves and that they actually have successfully accomplished what they were set out to achieve, that moment right there is what I live for. That drives me to be the best coach possible.



CrossFit Level 1 & 2 certified

Level 3 Certified CrossFit coach
Cert III in fitness
Cert IV Personal Trainer
Master Trainer
Instruct older adults and children
Senior First aid & CPR
Advanced Strength Training (Performance Training Institute)
Punchfit Level 1 Coach

Personal Accomplishments
10 Years Basketball coaching Under 18’s (Local Comps)
2016 Australian record holder DEADLIFT (under 67.5kg bodyweight)
2016 Australian record holder TOTAL (under 67.5kg bodyweight)
2016 1ST place Powerlifting- APL state titles under 67.5kg
2016 1st place powerlifting CAPO state titles under 67.5kg
2014 CrossFit Regionals competitor -Australasian Region
2013 CrossFit Regionals competitor -Australasian Region
2012 CrossFit Regionals competitor -Australasian Region
2011 2nd Place Strongman – Local comp
2010 2nd Place ANB & INBA Women’s Natural Body Building
2007 1st Place Australian Junior Women Powerlifting
2008 1st Place Australian Junior Women Powerlifting

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