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My life took a turn in 2008, I had experienced years of bullying in high-school, I was overweight and depressed, constantly binge eating and weighing in at 94kg. I started my journey as an OG Rev X member at Coach Rob’s house and the park, long before Rev X HQ existed. Along with my love for music and passion for wrestling, Rev X instantaneously became my second home. The support and encouragement of the family at Rev X lead me to lose over 25kg and provided me with a new lease on life. Training was and still is my outlet to cope with each mental obstacle. I am extremely passionate about mentoring and empowering the lives of adolescents through the Rev X teen program. My objective in running this program is to provide today’s youth with the same tools and support that changed my life. 


By October 2018, I had completed my music degree, toured Australia with various artists from X Factor and The Voice, pursued my career as a professional wrestler and fitness coach. This lead me to become a full time employee of REV X as the membership and service manager/coach. I have been fortunate enough to be mentored and coached by Coach Rob and Coach Rash, both of which have empowered me to understand that capabilities are limitless if you work hard and BELIEVE in yourself. REV X has provided me with the physical tools needed to succeed in all avenues of my career, specifically as an athlete competing in the wrestling ring.


I am continually inspired and driven when I see the effect and impact REV X has had on the lives of every client that steps through the door. I look forward to what the future holds as a lifelong member and employee. 





Bachelor of Contemporary Music and Performance

Certificate 3 in Fitness

Senior First Aid, CPR & Anaphylaxis Training 

Cert 4 in Web Development 

Diploma in Web Design

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