Keeping Motivated During Winter


There’s nothing like a cold snap in the weather to make us start dreading stepping outside. We see it, class numbers slowly dwindle as people opt to stay in where it is ‘warm and cozy’ and all of a sudden it feels like we are seeing just the same few dedicated faces day in and day out (kudos to the dedicated few).

Whilst we do love seeing the faces of the dedicated, we also love seeing yours on regular basis. So, we’re here to tell you that it’s OK to feel that seasonal dread of the cool… BUT we’re also here to help you find ways to beat the winter blues and help keep you accountable during these cooler months.

Training in Winter can feel tougher than normal. Even getting out of bed requires that little bit of extra effort compared to the warmer seasons. It’s important we maintain our workouts, even in Winter so that we don’t undo the progress we’ve made in previous seasons and also, more so, so that we continue to move forwards in our health and fitness journeys.

To help you keep the momentum in this taxing season, we’ve come up with a few things to pop on the to-do list NOW before Winter sets in.

1. Make a plan.

Just as with most things, setting out a plan to your goals is a great way to stay motivated.

Start now to set those winter fitness goals. It’s always easier to work out when you’re working towards something, don’t you think?

Whether it is to feel better about yourself, change your body (yes, the saying Summer bodies are made in the Winter rings true), or even just to de-stress; once those goals are set, you can create a plan to get there.

An easy first step, is to start booking in your sessions via our online platform and adding them to your calendar- it’ll give those sessions more importance and keep you committed to your training plan.

Not sure where to begin or how to put your plan together?

That’s what we’re here for. More than just a gym, we’ve been working with people for years to help personalize programs and tailor them towards individual success. Book a consultation in with one of our head coaches (it’s complimentary in your membership with us) and we will help you establish some foundations to keep at it in the cooler months.

Our Level Up programs have been designed to help you set some goals and provide you with all the necessary tools, information and support to achieve them in a set time period. One of those time periods, being this Winter period. Talk to us about signing up to our Level Up Winter programs and let’s make a plan together.

2. Buddy Up.

Grab a buddy, or a group from your usual training timeslot and make a commitment to each other. Get each other’s contact details and keep accountable to each other – it really helps to keep you motivated and training consistently. Let your coaches know you’ve buddied up and made a pledge – they’ll also work to keep your group accountable. It’s so much harder to cancel on a friend than to just decide not to go yourself. It will help change your perspective of working out, to be something more social and a little more fun and enjoyable as a group exercise. It will also guilt you out of bed or out of just going home after work, and on your way to the gym. The hardest part is getting through the doors, once you’re there as you know, it’s always a great workout. Remember, the only workout you regret, is the one you didn’t do.

This Level Up, we’re encouraging groups to run their own little incentive amongst themselves. You could try a potluck for your own group winner or maybe some additional rules amongst the team – i.e. post challenge dinner shout by the loser or if someone misses a session maybe they owe you all a coffee? Get creative, it keeps things light and fun during a challenge.

3. Embrace the endorphins.

It can be hard to stay motivated especially if you suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) where you experience low moods in darker conditions.

It is especially important to stay on top of your health and fitness at these times, as research shows that working out helps people with depression, anxiety and those who suffer from SAD to feel better, as it releases endorphins which work in turn to make you feel happier.

You may also consider mixing up the work-out routine, so that you can jump into a later / earlier training time slot during the day to enjoy some sunshine, or simply taking a moment at work to step outside for a light walk or lunch in the sun.

Our Saturday 8am WOW sessions, are a great way to add an extra fitness session to your weekly routine during the daylight, and still enable you to enjoy the remainder of your weekend. Consider making the WOW (Workout Of the Week) apart of your regular routine over these cooler months.

4. Get Organised.

Believe it or not, studies show that some people thrive in messy workstations and life in general. But for most people, staying organized is crucial to maintaining that elusive motivation. This is particularly the case on those cold, dark early mornings when you have to fight to get out of bed. Prepare your things the night before and put them somewhere near your bed.

One of our favourite mottos to live by at Rev X is ‘failing to prepare is preparing to fail’. Take the margin for error or a last-minute temptation out, by making time to prepare. Whether it be packing your gym bag the night before, or working on meal prep it all helps you to stay consistent, and consistency is the key to your results.

If you are finding it hard to find time to meal prep or plan for what your meals might look like, our Level Up program is designed to give you all the tools you need to make good, informed decisions. You can also consider a meal preparation service alike Maverick Meals, for convenience and for allowing you more time to focus on other aspects of your life… your job will simply be to eat what’s in front of you. Now that’s a job easy to handle amongst everything else happening in your daily life.

5. Reward Yourself.

You’ve had a tough week sticking to your workout and/or nutrition plan in the

harsh cold. Now go ahead and give yourself that much deserved reward.

OK, OK, we don’t mean to gorge yourself and un-do any of your hard earned results, rather we mean think of something you love and let yourself do it. Soak up in a warm bath, sleep in, book yourself in that massage. Recovery is just as important in your health and fitness journey as any other component. You might not be able to do it every day, but plan for the reward. This will actually help keep you motivated for the long haul, which is what we are aiming for.

For others, a reward might be a fresh piece of training wardrobe. Whatever your idea of a reward is, go on, treat yourself. You’re doing what you need to do for yourself and that’s something to be super proud of.

If you are thinking about joining our Level Up Program to help keep you motivated over the Winter, we are offering over $5,000.00 in incentives. So, if you’re motivated by cold hard cash, this might just be the program to help you achieve your best results yet. Registrations for Level up close 6th June 2021, so hurry and register your interest (here) so as not to miss out.

With all this in mind, let’s fight off those Winter blues together and storm into Spring feeling the fittest and healthiest versions of ourselves.

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