Prioritising A Healthy Lifestyle

No, You Are NOT Too Busy in Your Work and Personal Life to Live A Healthy Lifestyle

“Not having enough time” is simply a myth when it comes to committing to yourself and your health.


Each of us have developed personal habits.

Though each habit that we’ve created may mean relatively little on it's own, over time, the frequency of exercise, the meals we eat, and the way we organise our mind and routines have a huge impact on our productivity, health, happiness and financial security.

We each have the power to reset our routines, and make TIME to live a healthy life. If you’re feeling broken, stressed, tired, overweight and fed up with feeling out of control in your life then it’s probably about time you make a move and change things up a little.

When you change your habits, you in turn change your routine and how you spend your time.

Our advice for when things get a little chaotic during your working day is quite literally to just NOT allow it to get out of control to begin with. For example, if you know you need to leave work by 6 pm and this is a non-negotiable in order to make it to your gym session, then don’t allow Susan or Gary to come past your office, or stop you in your tracks during the day and take 30 minutes of your time away looking for advice on something non work related.

When you fall in to that trap, you’ve allowed something that doesn’t serve you to de-rail your day. It forces you to work later than expected, resulting in you missing out on that gym session.

WORK WINS, again!

You have the power to change your actions and responses. You have the power to stop that situation dead in its tracks and prioritise your time.

How long should it take to integrate health into your busy life?

You can feel a change in just ONE day by starting with ONE thing. We encourage our members to keep a journal, or write things down. By tracking the changes each day, and how you feel as you implement these healthier choices you are creating data to review and compare as you continue down the road of healthier living.

Going from stressed, to strong isn’t difficult to achieve at all. It all begins with mindset.

Here’s some examples of simple changes to implement to get you started:

1. Going to bed an hour earlier: This can provide amazing results just the next day leaving you feeling more energised and fresh.

2. Eating a cleaner dinner: This won’t upset your digestive system, or keep you up late from ingredients like caffeine, sugar and other preservatives allowing you to have better quality sleep.

3. Exercise in the morning: Doing this before you head in to work, or drop the kids off to school in the morning sets a positive tone for the day giving you a sense of accomplishment.

If you are worn down, stressed, and easily irritated you're not going to show up as the best version of yourself for the people that you love and cherish in your life.

Here’s the hard truth, these are the people that notice when you quit and break the promises that you make to yourself.