strength lab


There is strong… and then there is Rev X strong.


The human body can be pushed to limits beyond belief. In the Strength Lab we teach you how to unleash the body’s ultimate potential. We improve performance, motivate through education and increase muscle mass.


Ladies, do not panic. Believe it or not (but do because it’s true) if you want to be lean and toned, guess what... you need to increase your muscle mass, and pronto!

The Rev X Strength Lab is a home away from home for the truly dedicated that continually raise the bar to build beasts and beauties like we’ve never seen before!

Through methodical, structured programming and hands on specialist coaching, the Strength Lab provides the accountability, tools and guidance you need to efficiently develop results. It combines the finest systems and premium equipment to provide the recipe for success. Our specialised Strength and Conditioning Coaches individualise and tailor work outs according to specific needs, abilities, strengths and weaknesses.


They oversee all of your sessions, monitor your progress and mentor you with one on one consultations and advice.

Anyone and everyone can do this program. From the weight lifting beginners to the experienced body builders. If you think you may be too knowledgeable for this program ask yourself are you Rev X Strong?


Because strong just got stronger!

We’ve divided this part of our Performance Centre to cater to the most sought after goals within the Strength and Conditioning Community, and to implement programs designed to achieve maximal results.




This is our movement preparation phase of the Strength Lab where we work on our structural balance, teaching and refining movement, and improving technique for optimum results and for increasing capabilities to move additional loads.

Got no idea what we’re talking about right now? That’s OK, that’s what we’re here for. The idea is you will not only learn how to move well, but you will get strong. Foundations caters for all training levels regardless of experience, and is the base level program for all new lifters to begin with running in 4 week cycles.



This is our program to work on an individual’s aesthetics (your physical appearance… A.K.A the program to get smoking hot) and at the same time develop strength. Gaining lean muscle mass, all round strength and getting lean are the major focus of hypertrophy.


So we all want to look smoking ho, but Rome wasn’t built in day. You must have a minimum gym training age of 6 months or have completed our foundations program with clearance from your coach to be elevated to this program. To move well, with the right technique is where the key to success lies (the key to your hot body that is).

Our hypertrophy training program runs on a 12 week (macro) cycle inclusive of a 4 week (meso) cycle. This program requires commitment to either a 2 day split or 4 day split of training days.

Ready to commit to getting ripped? Sweet, let us know: here.

Maximal StrengtH

This is for those purely with the vision of becoming REV X STRONG. This program is for the heavily dedicated and for the hearty. It is a pure strength based program periodized over the year to attain ultimate strength in your major compound movements and is great in detail to nurturing isolated movements through individualised accessories.

The end goal for most being to test your ultimate physical and psychological strength at our official TESTING games day or at official power-lifting meets.

This runs all year round with 4-5 days per week


Want to start lifting some heavy s$@#? Then get ready to get Rev X strong. Hit us up to get started here.

'Coming Soon’ ProgramS

Strongman Saturdays - Combine your ultimate strength with your ability to push the boundaries. Lifting, moving and heaving challenging and heavy objects from point to point using full body movements. Sounds like fun right!?

Olympic Lifting - Due to run periodically throughout the year to coincide with our CrossFit athlete’s seasons. More on this coming soon!

Coached Athletic Development Programs – These sessions are strength and conditioning based and tailored to individual sporting needs. More on this coming soon!