Member Testimonials


“I was not a large person, in fact I was the opposite. I had a very poor diet which consisted of junk food and I would constantly have an upset stomach which gave me bloating, wind and constipation.  I was malnourished and borderline anorexic… When I finally understood how to feed my body and how to take care of myself – my life changed.”I was not a large person, in fact I was the opposite. I had a very poor diet which consisted of junk food and I would constantly have an upset stomach which gave me bloating, wind and constipation.  I was malnourished and borderline anorexic. I weighed a frail 53 kilos and my height is 169. I know everyone thinks they want to be the skinny girl and say“sure I would trade any day to eat what I want and look like you.” But what if every time you looked in the mirror you saw a teenage girl not a woman and felt so unhealthy? I felt tired and lethargic all the time. I over worked and starved myself and when I would finally eat – it consisted of something big, bulky and heavy. I felt that I needed to make a change because my health wasn’t heading in a good direction.
I joined the gym several times but would get so unmotivated because I would be confused or shy and unsure what to do.
My cross fit journey began 3 years ago. I went in search of a place I could go where I’m showed and taught what to do instead of having to figure it out for myself. I joined to do a 30 day challenge and my life changed forever.
I couldn’t back out of it because I committed myself to do this. My sister in-law and I did it together so we didn’t want to let each other down. Although my first thought was“How am I going to train 5 days a week I barely get 2 seconds to myself usually?”. Was it easy? Hell no!! The first 2 weeks I was hurting and scared asking myself is this was a good pain. I kept thinking – what am I doing to my body? I couldn’t sit or roll over in my sleep. My husband thought I was crazy, but my coaches didn’t let up. I remember one day I could barely drive my car home because my poor leg was shaking. I had to keep going because giving up was not me. I knew I didn’t feel healthy and wanted to. So, I never gave up.
When I finally understood how to feed my body and how to take care of myself – my life changed. 30 days past and I couldn’t stop, I couldn’t go back to my old ways. I realised how important this time was for me. I put ME first for once because I can’t care for my family and myself if I’m not healthy. I never thought I could fit in this time until I realised I needed to make this a priority for myself. My stomach has changed, I caused a lot of damage in the past but with the right diet I am able to control it. I am the fittest and healthiest I have ever been. I wouldn’t change this feeling for the world.
I owe so much of this to Revolution X for teaching me about nutrition, guiding me to make healthy choices and believing in me to make this a permanent change. From day one the coaches have helped me become the person I am today. My skill and technique have been taught by the best. I love all the support and encouragement around me at Revolution X by staff and members. I always feel welcomed and I have formed lifelong friendships. I enjoy training with all my friends. It’s not a chore, it’s my escape for 1 hour and I am the happiest, healthiest and a much better mother for it. I am now a proud 61kg.


In March 2011, Madeleine, a heavy set 150cm tall 31-year-old from Sydney strolled into CrossFit Revolution X looking to reverse the damage that a poor nutritional lifestyle, coupled with a near non-existent exercise routine had caused over the years. Having never heard of CrossFit before walking through the doors, Madeleine was to stumble across an addiction that transformed her life more than she could ever dream.
Just over 12 months later, Madeleine is not only nearly 15kg lighter, fitter, faster and stronger, but is also taking up opportunities to compete in a sport she now loves!
Throughout her teenage years Madeleine was active in sports having played soccer competitively for many years. After finishing High School however things took a turn for the worse falling into the same trap that many university students find themselves in: the sedentary lifestyle of partying, binge eating easily accessible junk food and drinking. “I stopped playing sports seriously and didn’t give much thought into what I was putting into my body. My health started spiralling downwards and I gained weight at a rapid pace”.
Moving into the workforce as a full-time shift working nurse didn’t help with her weight ballooning to over 80kg, pursuing many diet fads with little luck. “I tried Weight Watchers twice and other similar weight loss programs with frustratingly little results. Once I started CrossFit and learnt more about the Paleo way of life, I soon learnt why the fad weight loss programs had failed me”.
Why did CrossFit work? “It was very different. It’s exciting, challenging, competitive and fun. A world apart from the boring atmosphere I found in other gyms, completely different from anything I had tried before”. The rather phenomenal transformation has not only astonished family and friends but most importantly herself. “It’s still surreal” says Madeleine. “To know where I was a year ago to seeing what I have achieved is amazing”.
Madeleine also attributes her personal rejuvenation to the family culture that she has found at Revolution X and the wider CrossFit community. “It wouldn’t have been possible without the family spirit and bond that exists within our box – an atmosphere that truly motivates you to exceed your own expectations time and time again.”
And now the quiet achiever is still coming to terms with her rapid transformation that has propelled her to finishing 35th place in the Opens earlier this year and 20th place in the Australian Reebok Crossfit Regionals . “I’m not sure exactly where I’m heading but I do know that my goals are to continue to challenge myself and to get stronger both mentally and physically – it feels like my journey has only just begun”.
A scary thought seeing as she is already boasting a strong 150kg Deadlift, a 70kg Clean and Jerk, and incredibly achieved a round of PRs in the 2012 Open and Regionals including her first muscle up, 45kg snatch, chest to bar pull-up, 32kg one arm dumbbell snatch…


“It’s simple – Revolution X has changed my life!
After retiring from professional rugby union 16 years ago, I struggled to find a fitness solution that motivated me and worked with both my family and business commitments.
If someone had said to me 3 months ago that I would have been at the gym six days a week and loving it, I would have laughed at them. Now I find myself midafternoon looking at my watch keen for a CrossFit session… crazy!!
25kg’s lighter, fitter, stronger and motivated…… I’d say I’m one ‘happy camper’.”


“Not only has Rob and his team of incredible coaches & trainers changed my life… but the community and team spirit in his facility is second to none…”
I was introduced to Cross Fit at Revolution X Performance Centre at the beginning of 2014 and was immediately obsessed. It began with a 30 day challenge which at first was difficult but after week 1 not only did I feel incredible with increased energy levels but by the end of the 30 days I had lost body fat and gained several kilos of muscle. Even better was my headaches were disappearing!!! I have since continued exercising 3-4 times per week with the Rev X crew and combined this with all the vitally important nutritional advice and planning they offer I have experienced the most incredible improvement to both the frequency and severity of my migraines. I feel like a new woman.
Not only has Rob and his team of incredible coaches & trainers changed my life through exercise and food, but the community and team spirit in his facility is second to none.”